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Palm Trees Foliage Coconuts Queen Christmas Foxtail  Hibiscus Flowers
 MD, DE, NJ, PA, NY, Ohio, VI, Bahamas  Hotel, Restaurants,  and Home owners.

Adonidia Areca Hibiscus Red Sister Foxtail Cycads Majesty etc. Foliage,
Motion Pictures Greens by Richard Namon, who has over 30 years experience in the industry.

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CALL OR TEXT: 305-246-2468


EzPALMS Nation Wide & Tropical Exporters with trusted quality beyond the rest.  Price Quality & Selection
Certified by USDA Certification # 47224486
Google Places EzPalms number 1 for 13 years straight
Prices Based on Qty.          Call 305 246 2468 see the difference
  2016 specials with substantial
   Discounts on all palms and plants for all large orders

Special's & Photo's Below
Click the images below for a larger look.

Red Lantana Fan Palm 5-6ft $79.99ea

Hibiscus $6,75 3gal

Raphis 4-5ft $45

Interior Palms


    Palms, Shrubs etc
   25 gal. Adonidia double and triple $125ea singles available. Field grown
  More photos below

305-246-2468 Office
 Tropical plant growers Wholesale.
Palms, ornamentals, shrubs & Fruit trees.
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      Wholesale Growers Discounts based on Order Quantities.

  Some of Our Credentials 
EzPALMS is a premier source for tropical palms in America. We supply many hotels,
  restaurants, homeowners, and events." 

 Providing Palms & Tropical greens and set building design for Motion Pictures for 22yrs.
  Movies  at current 2-27-2011 New York, Untitled.   2010 Kate Winslow  "
Mildred Pierce" HBO
 "It's Complicated"
2009 Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Diane Keaton. Victoria's Secret" 2009
 "Around the World"
June 2006. 
  "The Producers" in 2005,"Stepford Wives", "As Good As It Gets" in 2003 with Jack
    Nickelson & Diane Keaton , and "Word of Honor" Don Johnson  & NASCAR



Sample Pricing Below

Cordyline Bolero    Pix

28-32", 3ppp, full


Cordyline Bolero Bicolor

34-36", 3ppp, full


Cordyline Dr. Brown

3ppp, full


Cordyline Exotica

22-24", 3ppp, lime grn


Cordyline Florida

28-30", 3ppp, red


Cordyline Kiwi

26", 3ppp, lime/hot pink


Cordyline Maria

36-38" 3ppp, full


Cordyline Red Sister

36", 3ppp, full


Cord Red Sister, gold edge

3ppp, full


Cordyline Sherbet      Pix

26-30", 3ppp, full


Cordyline Xerox

28-30", 3ppp, full


Croton Curly Boy B's

24-26",3ppp,stems show


Croton Golddust B's

24-26",3ppp,stems showing


Croton Iceton B's

20-22",3ppp,stems show


Croton Mammey Red

20-22",3ppp,stems show


Croton Mammey Yellow B's

24-26",3ppp,stems show


Croton Petra

24-26", 3ppp, full


Croton Stoplight

20-28", 3ppp, full


Croton Sloppy Painter

20-22", 3ppp, full


Croton Sunny Star B's

24-26",3ppp,stems show


Drac Bicolor Tips, 4ppp

30", 4ppp, full


Drac Colorama Tips

34-36", 4ppp, full


Drac Colorama Cane    Pix

36-40", 3ppp


Drac Janet Craig

2ppp, full


Drac Janet Craig

3ppp, full


Drac Magenta Cane

36-44", 3-4ppp, full


Drac Magenta Tips

22-24", 4ppp, full


Drac Marginata Cane

36-40", 4ppp, full   


Drac Marginata Character

   Pix     4'+, 9ppp, mega full



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